May 15, 2011

Another jacket

Yeah! I can post again. Blogger wouldn't let me in for a couple of days (It also still won't let me comment on your blogs quite frequently).
Thank you all so much for your nice replies to my planning-and-explaining post. I am always interested in how other people's creative processes work and I'm very happy with your support for me and my sewing and blogging ways. I think I will devote a post to 'approaches to planning' later. And I still stand by my resolution to make another pattern available as soon as I have the time.
At the moment however, work is crazy, so on my one day off this week, I won't be writing much.

I wanted to show you this jacket, which I made for my friend J. It fits her an awful lot better than the dummy. Which it should because I drafted the pattern especially for her. She also picked the fabric and buttons and decided on such styling details as length, collar depth and pocket style and placing.
She came to pick it up on Thursday (just after I took this picture). I was a bit nervous about the final look and fit. We did have a fitting before I attached the lining, but I'm always worried about details not working out. When I put it on, one of the sides was twisting in which made me think I had made some small but terrible mistake in attaching the facing. I gave it a final pressing and when she put it on, there was no problem and she loved it (by the way, she payed me to make this jacket, so it really should what she wanted it to be). Succes is sweet.


  1. Gorgeous! What a classic, timeless jacket! Sewing for Others always leaves me a little sweaty, too, so I'm SUPER glad she liked the end result!

  2. What a wonderful coat. It's so hard to get photos of people once they take the clothes ,isn't it? I saw your work on Burdastyle. Impeccable. I just finished my first commission and it's so great when the work ends up how they hoped.