October 31, 2011

Apology and explanation

You know what happens when one is actually kind of busy but resolved to do something extra none the less, don't you? Especially when one starts feeling obliged to do well at the extra something because of the interest shown for it by quite a selection of rather cool people?
Well, then you will understand what happened to me over the past week and a half. Total loss of blogging mojo, and, which is worse, of much of my sewing mojo. Which combined, made me even more ashamed about my performance in this draft-along I planned.
This past week, I have done some other simple projects to claw back my sewing spirit and I'm glad and relieved to report that it worked. Now, let's get back to the draft-along!
Right now, when I'm typing this, it's 7 A.M. and I will have to leave for work in an hour or so. When I return home, around 6 P.M. I will finally write that post about slopers.
I have also decided to stick with the rather simple shirt dress design which I posted in the Flickr group. Two weeks ago, I had ambitious plans about posting several designs and discussing the merits of the different looks. However, while that is all very nice and is, in fact, sort of the way you would learn to design stuff if you actually went to school for that sort of thing, it is not how I usually work. I'm not great at sketching, so I usually do a lot of my considerations in my head, only committing at least half-baked plans to paper. And making an even slightly scanner-ready sketch takes more time than making one for 'at home design' use. Oh, and shirt dresses are fun and versitile, they can be made to flatter many different body types and are easy to fit into a 'normal' wardrobe. All in all, in my humble opinion, not at all a bad choice for anyone's first self-drafted dress.
(Oh, and this is not something I've said before: choosing a 'not a bad choice and not that difficult' design is good. I know it's tempting to try and make the ultimate dress straight away. However, I recommend you consider your first self-drafted dress as the one to gain experience on and only try to aim for the ultimate design later on. Really, trust me on this one.)

Well, I'm going to leave you for now with this picture. Although this is not sewing-related, I thought it would be fun to show you the result of two things I haven't made time for in, maybe, years. Getting a different hair-cut and having someone else take my picture (it took a lot of pictures for just one decent headshot, let me tell you).
More this afternoon. Have a good day!


  1. Heel mooi Lauriana. When I first saw this picture I didn't realise it was you. Then I was on Burdastyle and saw your fab dress and finally it dawned on me. I love the new haircut and glasses. I also love that cowl top you are wearing. Is it another of your beautiful self-drafted patterns?

  2. I have to admit I've been feeling similarly guilty about my (non)participation---I want to be involved (and have a design in my head) but haven't made the time to actually do anything. Moral: we understand!

  3. You have such a lovely smile! And a great new haircut!
    I've been losing some mojo lately too...

  4. I love the new haircut! The light is finally good enough to see you...

  5. Aha, is that what you look like! I've often thought about that reg. my own pictures, in real life I actually smile most of the time, but when I shoot my own picture I'm always serious. The thought has crossed my mind that the way I come along in my (very peaceful at the moment) blog is not really the true picture. So, how very nice to see a picture of you as you, not the tripod self-timer you! And I love the haircut. I should be inspired and get myself some bangs :-)