November 10, 2011


Well, ehhh, I did sort of promise a post on slopers last week, didn't I? Well, same problems as before...
The good news is I have now printed the JJ sloper (which takes more planning than you'd think because my printer has refused service since I had its ink cartridges re-filled a couple of months ago). The bad news is that my mind is on anything but dresses lately... Bad blogger, Lauriana!

In other news, I have been putting off posting about other things until I would have this draft-along thing well under way. I won't be doing that anymore. I still have every intention of getting on with the draft-along but not posting about other things makes this blog a lot more 'dead' than it has to be. So I'll have no more of that.

As a first, let me show you this super-easy cardigan I made a week ago. This really is a very simple project but I really enjoy the look. It is also a great use for those thin, sheer drapey knits which would never really work as normal tops.
I'll do a how-to for it this weekend, if anyone is interested.

Oh, and the fabric was this sadly mystery-fibre but interestly patterned loose knit of turquoise and blue (way more turquoise and blue than you can see in the picture)

More soon!


  1. Yes, I want to know how you made that cardigan.

  2. it looks lovely, in a beautiful blue

  3. I understand--I tend to stop blogging if I get stuck on a project--but it's still lovely to see your posts even if the draft-along gets pushed back. I love your hair!

  4. Great cardigan. And yes, please show us how to make it.

  5. How would you a longer (in body length) one?