December 19, 2011

Ehh, hi there

Are you still willing to believe me if I say I didn't mean to go without posting for so long? I hope you are.
The truth of the matter is that I've been without internet for part of last week because we were switching to a different offering from the same provider (if that makes any sense at all). And, added to that, I have to say I wa
s a bit disappointed not to get even a single comment on my last post. I thought that sweater looked Ok, or I wouldn't even have posted it...
As I already mentioned, I understand my 'oh, look I made this' posts may not be the most interesting to comment to. However because I don't use patterns and often start new projects on a whim and because it's winter so there's very little daylight when I'm at home, they're all I can manage when I'm busy with other things.

Right now, I'll only need to do a bit of hand-sewing to finish a new and more involved project. I'll show you later this week.
I'm also still waiting on mail and email stuff, so I can, hopefully, tell more about projects I have been/will be involved in.
And, catching up on blog reading, I've noticed that many people have begun reviewing their year in sewing and/or announcing their intended last projects for 2011. I don't think I'll do the latter just yet, but I will try to take a good look about what I need/want for the holidays.

And finally, there is some real news in this post: when cutting the fabric for my now-almost-finished project, I decided I was fed up with my scissors. I've been making do for all these years with fabric scissors from Ikea (good value for money, I'd recommend to any beginner) or brandless ones bought at the notions stall at the market. All of those start out fine but soon develop their own idiosyncracies, leaving me with a drawer full of scissors (I've counted 5 pairs...) but having to make notches using paper scissors on thread clippers because none of them will cut at the very tip.
It was definately time to invest in a proper pair of fabric shears. I've gone and bought these:

They are not the fanciest scissors you can get, not by far. They are, however, very hard wearing. designer friend M uses this kind, and the workshop she works with as well. They will cut through almost anything (just not ideal for cutting very thin silks), keep their edge and they are not ruined by something as simple as being dropped on the floor.
I bought mine from the same place where I bough my sewing machine, at what is (as far as I've been able to find out) a very low price. It's a Dutch site and shop, but for those few of you reading from anywhere near my location, I really recommend them.


  1. oh see I really liked your sweater and I kept it unread in My Google Reader to try and comment on later! I read most of my feeds on my iPhone these days, and the blogging systems make it super difficult (sometimes impossible!) to comment from a phone, so I hardly get a chance to comment anymore, as my at-home internet browsing time is mostly limited to the phone (if I have enough time to sit down and browse on the laptop, then I usually use that time to sew instead!).

    Good tailor's shears are really a must for me. I had no idea how important they are until I got given my sister-in-law's grandmother's shears a few years ago, and now I get cranky if I have to use anything else. It's amazing how great they are for delicate snipping of curved seam allowances, too, despite their size.

  2. For the record, I really enjoy reading about your self-drafted pieces. Especially when you talk a bit about the drafting process (which you did) or construction.

    ... as to scissors, I splurged on some *really* nice ones last summer (OMG I can't believe I spent that much on scissors!) and... just, wow. Cutting stuff out is a whole 'nother experience.

    And yes, they snip to the tip. ;)

  3. I, too, love reading about your self-drafted clothes! And sometimes I forget to comment after I've read in a reader, too--but your sweater was so cool. I love your style and confident designs and really look forward to your posts, since I first discovered your blog (about the strong-shouldered jacket you made). And I know how dark it can get in winter in your region; we lived in Antwerpen through a couple of winters. I always felt like I was chasing daylight.

    Don't good shears make such a big difference? I finally got some nice ones last year and can't believe what I was missing.

  4. Me four - your blog really is one of my favourites because it's so original. And I'm sorry I didn't make it for the draftalong earlier this year, I was really looking forward to that but the day job got out of hand.

  5. I'm with the rest of the gals here... I LOVE reading about your self-drafted projects. You have such an excellent, defined style and I admire that you're not all across the board like I am. :) Please forgive the radio silence... it's NOT that I'm not reading!

    Happy holidays, Lauriana!

  6. Hi Lauriana, hey sorry you felt bad about not receiving any comments... I have kept reading your blog posts but I guess I haven't commented in a while because you have stopped commenting on mine...
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and very Happy New Year, from me!

  7. I have a pair of Mundial scissors too, I got them when I got my first sewing machine because my Mum had a pair (still does) and they have taken a beating and have only needed sharpening twice in their long life - Mum was very strict that they were not to be used on paper and she hid them from Dad haha :)