March 28, 2012

Not quite

Not quite fitting in the Sew Cinematic Challenge, that is.
In fact, I rarely take part in any of the sewing challenges you find all across the internet. Not because I think they're a bad idea, oh no. It's more because I'm the type of person who somehow tends to loose all inspiration for a topic once I've joined a 'challenge' about it. Somehow, commiting, no matter how voluntarily, to a set of rules or a goal set by someone else makes sewing, within those rules or to fulfill that purpose, a chore. (somehow, challenging myself seems to be a completely different matter, but hey, I didn't claim to be a creature of logic, did I?)
So, I'm not doing it but I can always admire the work of those who are inspired by those challenges.

When I read about this challenge, I liked it but, given that I'm not much of a film-buff, I could only really think of Mad Men outfits. And as far as body types go, I guess I ought to be in Betty territory (not that I want to be. Betty can be pretty childish and at times annoying. No vixen and queen bee of the work floor like Joan, no up-and-coming girl of the new generation like Peggy...) but her style can be quite ehm... frilly?
The one thing I thought about immediately was her riding outfit. And I didn't think anyone else would. Turns out I was wrong. Debi has actually made a great outfit inspired by Betty's riding gear. In fact, she mentioned all kinds of interesting details about the blouses worn with it which I didn't even notice.

I just thought of it because of the tailored tweed-like jackets. And b
ecause I seemed to remember that she wore trousers in the very colour I was working with (in fact, Betty doesn't. Hers are dark green, my trousers sort of match her friend's). So, here is my not that intentional and certainly not flawless interpretation:

New trousers from the same pattern as before, this time in a olive/mustard coloured cotton twill. This fabric is both lighter in colour and less drapey that the woolblend I used before, so it tends to show and folds and creases much more clearly. And you know, I have to, eh, be able to move?
The jacket and blouse are both things I've made years ago, also from patterns I've drafted myself. The scarf is vintage, and to be honest, I never wear it although seeing it like this makes me wonder...


  1. Love, love, LOVE the colour combos you've got here! And I'm adoring you in that scarf! Tres chic!

  2. Oh, looks great! I tend to enjoy watching challenges from the sidelines, too, although participating can also be fun.

    I find the differences in fit that different fabrics make really fascinating, too---those trousers still look awesome, though :).

  3. What a great colour for trousers - sort of neutral, but more interesting. They look great as always!

  4. I'm in love with your trousers, especially the high waist. (Still working at drafting a close fit pattern for myself--I think it's taking forever.) The pumps are darling--you look really great in this whole silhouette!

  5. LOVE those high-waist trousers!
    Is that a self-drafted pattern?

    I'm working on making a great fitting pants sloper. Looks like it will take at least a few tries, but I'm determined...