May 20, 2012

Creating options

Thank you all so much for commenting on the previous post! You've taught me things I didn't know, given me new insight, shared great stories and occasionally told me not to be silly... I'm grateful for all of it.

Although I should really answer all comments in turn, I will use this post to summerize and give some further explanation about the event.
First of all: the wedding itself. It starts in the afternoon and continues with a party in a small restaurant at the beach (all of those are rather casual locations). Secondly, the Dutch are notoriously casual dressers. Apperently, wedding guests in jeans are not uncommon here. Even though I don't consider that an excuse not to make an effort, it is something to keep in mind. Full evening attire would definately be considered 'over the top'. 
And third, several of you suggested asking the bride about her idea on colours. I haven't yet but as I know this couple, they are usually casual dressers who wear a lot of black themselves (the groom to be is the drummer in the heavy metal band E plays in...). I know she will wear a formal ivory white wedding gown and he will wear a suit, but I can't imagine the two of them obsessing over the guests' choice of outfit.

All that being said, I did try to find other, non-black fabric yesterday. In colour(s) which wouldn't MISmatch E's outfit (which is still difficult. Some commenters suggested blue might work with his shirt. Well, lighter shades clash with the shirt, darker ones with the suit...). I did find two types of fabric in the same blue-ish, silver-y grey: thin polyesther satin (which I didn't buy because I really don't like that stuff) and cotton jersey. 
I bought the jersey, with the thought that I could always dye it if the colour really doesn't work for me. 

Oh, and I really like the idea of using an 'opposite' colour, I am still looking for such a thing (not so sure about orange though, I may have good experience wearing it, but just after the wedding, the European Football/Soccer Championship will start, and orange happens to be Holland's national colour at things like that...) 

So, without further ado, these are my options so far (both still lacking hems and other finishing touches):

The black cotton voile dress. Here worn with my usual belt, a (too short) crinoline petticoat and my molded leather necklace. Not so much a bad look, but maybe a bit too goth for the occasion?

Here it is without petticoat and with that ribbon. As said, I'm not really a fan of the ribbon. It doesn't stay in place very well either.

And here is the jersey dress. The colour looks much better/less bad on me than expected. However you can tell I'm not used to dealing with plain, light coloured fabrics... I've made this skirt shape for knit dresses before but never seemed quite so in-your-face... 
E says it's OK, I like the top but am not entirely sure about the bottom (of course, chopping it up and using it as a top could be an option).

What do you think, seeing the options 'in the flesh'?


  1. The black dress with the petticoat/belt and the jersey dress both really caught my eye and both look lovely on you.

    The black dress seems casual and dressy at the same time. Maybe a different belt (not sash) could punch it up a bit but I think it looks very summery and I could picture you at this restaurant on the beach.

    In my opinion, the black dress without the petticoat plus the sash looks like maybe the day got a bit too hot and some melting happened.

    I love the jersey dress as well. In some ways it almost looks over the top elegant in the picture. Maybe because of the color. Any dancing at the wedding? The black dress looks like it could handle that better than the jersey dress.

    Good luck deciding!

  2. I vote for black dress, no sash, no choker/collar. I think it looks great and summery and dressy. If the couple regularly wears black they won't even blink that you've worn it to their wedding.

  3. I like the black dress but not the black necklace in the first picture. Don't like the silver tie but I think fancier belt would work better.
    I think that the light colored dress is gorgeous on you, but if you don't feel wonderful in it don't wear it you'll be uncomfortable all evening. How about some heeled sandals instead of pumps for the black dress?

  4. I like the black dress/crinoline combination - it´s you (I am silently following your blog for some time now)! Maybe you could chose another color for the necklace and/or shoes to make it look a little less goth (if you feel that it looks too goth...)? I wouldn´t worry too much about the black - if the groom is the drummer in a heavy metal band there will probably be more guests in black dresses? Enjoy the wedding party!

  5. Oh, and I prefer the black dress with the petticoat.

  6. I love the grey dress! Amazing bodice! I'd probably cut that one shorter since it's pretty sexy and would look good just at the knee. If you don't like that length you could always cut it to a top. I guess you need to figure out if and how you'll wear it before making changes.

    The black dress is lovely in all incarnations. I suspect that dress will change with the accessories you choose. I wonder if you can make an obi style belt with some Chinese brocade that would coordinate with E's shirt and lend some extra color. Or maybe a silver necklace with the black belt will be enough "matching" for the day ;-)

  7. The jersey dress is amazing on you! Even though you feel not quite comfortable in it, that is my vote. The black dress is lovely, but the jersey dress is much more unique and has more of an "Oh!" quality.

  8. I think it's mostly the leather necklace that goes a bit too Goth for the first one. Do you have some nice silver instead? Wish I could lend you my recycled-soda-tabs one :-). I think the no2 ribbon is a little too first-communion :-(, or US bridesmaid, and if it's fiddly as well that sounds like a total loser. The blue dress isn't bad really, the color does not make you look like death at all, but the skirt looks a slight bit too tight, in photo at least and photos do matter very much for weddings. I like the idea of chopping it into a top, but that'd probably be better for other occasions.
    So since you've totally removed my formality objection to cotton, I guess I'm for no1 in the end :-).

  9. omg I LOVE that jersey dress! The top is gorgeous and the lower half is nice and simple so as to not overwhelm. So that's where my vote lies!

  10. That jersey dress is gorgeous. My vote is for that one!

  11. I love all the options...can I? As for the first dress I wouldn't wear the necklace. I like the contrast on the second. If you don't like the sash you could make a cummerbund belt. This could be a good option if the wedding is more casual. As for the third...the bodice is superb. You could pull it off for an informal wedding (I've been to a couple of Belgian weddings and I can kind of relate to what you say) but I feel a darker color is greater on you. I could easily see the third dress becoming a top with a pair of jeans or something more formal

  12. Ok, LOVE both outfits, #1 and #3. Suggest the black dress with crinoline, plus sash but tie it multiple times around the waist like an obi sash (see images here and here or the 3rd one down here) and find a colored, less goth necklace. However, I adore the va-va-voom grey dress too, but it might be too attention getting.