October 23, 2012

Basic black jeans

Sometimes, a new garment which looks basic but good in the mirror can proove very difficult to photograph properly. As in, looking even half-way flattering... That happened to me with this pair of trousers. It's a very basic pair: black cotton twill/ lightweight jeans, waist high, scoop pockets at the front, patch pockets at the back, narrow, tapered legs with the hem at ankle length.
I know a lot of you probably hate the 'bare ankle look' but I actually like it for those trouser styles which are narrow at the bottom (so, tapered belt pleated trousers and narrow ones). 
They look fine although a day of wear left them a bit loose but that's a given with jeans, isn't it? If I still find them on the loose side after laundry, I could always take them in a little bit after all.
However, I put them on as part of what I thought was a nice, sloughy outfit and then, in the afternoon, I realised I could still take some pictures. 

Believe me, this was the least dorky shot I got...

So, I changed the top, hoping that would help. Fortunately, it did a bit.

The strange thing is, not only did neither outfit look particularly bad in the mirror, E said he liked the new trousers. And when I wore the first outfit to work today, no-one seemed to think anything of it (I know, co-workers usually don't criticize each other's outfits, but still...)

Something funny was mentioned today though, something which does relate to my trousers: We were discussing jeans sizes and the work-experience girl mentioned she didn't think I would fit into some petite range because I am so tall... She's only a couple of centimeters shorter herself (and it's not a size issue either, this girl is quite a bit skinnier than I am)... Then she said: Ok, but you have very long legs...
That's when I realised what she was on about. High waistlines and heels. I know the look I usually try to create, I just didn't expect anyone to be so completely fooled by it!


  1. What a nice thing to say!

    I know what you mean about some things not photographing. I was starting to wonder if it's related to lighting but presumably you took both your sets at about the same time of day?

  2. I'm not seeing anything wrong with these pants. I agree they're not as flattering as some awesome outfits you've featured here but I don't think these look bad either.