November 17, 2012

The continuing story of the redingote: Muslin no. 3

It's one of those dreary autumn days: a tiny bit of frost in the night, fog all day, a sort-of drizzle of rain and, as a result of all that water vapor, no proper full-on daylight even at noon. These pictures may not look too bad, but I had to stand very still...

Anyway, this is my third try at the Marion redingote. To make this one, I did the alterations to the previous version, the one I drafted myself. I re-drafted the sleeves, letting them take up a lot more space on the front and back bodice. I also lowered the bottom of the armscye quite a bit and widened the top of the sleeve (I'll post an explanation about that tomorrow). I went for a completely different pocket design. I narrowed the waist a bit and flared out the skirt. I also altered the lines at the back, making the center panel narrower (to be more like the Marion design). 
For a normal coat, I would consider the waist over-fitted but in this case, I think it suits the style. In all the pictures I have of post-1947 redingotes, the waist is quite tight. I may let the bust out a little bit though.

The funny thing is, now it's starting to look like the picture in the magazine...

Obviously, I still have to put the collar on. I am still considering it. I like those little back darts in the original collar but I'd like mine to be a bit lower. It may be less warm but is suits my body shape a lot better. And also, it's already quite a lady-like and old-timey coat, maybe I should do a notched collar or something like it to give it a bit of an edge...
And I'd really like to stop making muslins and start on the coat itself...


  1. Your muslin process is fascinating to watch and this version has incorporated great refinements to your original concept, pushing the project forward. Personally, I feel that with your lovely long neck, the higher collar would add balance to the fullness of the skirt while still really suiting you, but this is a personal preference.
    P.S. with regard to anonymous posting, I can't figure out how else to post a comment being a techie luddite....

  2. I've loved this little series you've been posting about. The research you've done has been really interesting. I'm really liking the fit of this muslin, especially through the waist. The back looks great too except that the sleeves seem a little baggy back there. Not sure if some of those wrinkles might disappear in a thicker coating fabric. I actually like the look of this with no collar. It kind of modernizes the whole thing so it looks more like you're giving a nod to the 50's and not creating a period piece. Totally a personal thing though. Can't wait to see the rest of your posts in this series

  3. It is looking a lot like the original... Gorgeous! I like the original collar too, it sits up nice and small and round at the top of that fully flared design.

  4. Ooo this is looking good. I have no helpful comments---whatever you go with will be awesome. :)

  5. This is going to be so pretty. I love the shape you have already.