December 28, 2012

Nothing to show

Hi everyone! I hope you've all had a good time over the Holidays.
I've been putting off this post for a couple of days now. Basically, I have plenty to show you: I tweaked the coat design for E a bit more and am now ready to cut into the real fabric and I made two tops and a skirt, well actually, two skirts.  
However, the weather has been very uncooperative. It isn't cold at all but so very cloudy. All day, every day. I just haven't had enough light for half-way decent pictures. I'll show you all the good stuff as soon as possible, I promise.

About the coat: I had to take it in at waist and hips a bit more and then I discovered a weird fit issue at the shoulder which hadn't bothered me before. In the end, I think that was just proof of my ever more critical eye: the existing coat showed the same drag line from neck to armpit (which is often caused by a too tight back neckline and/or armscye, but not in this case). I finally tried a small shoulder pad and that solved all the remaining fit-issues: those drag lines,  a slightly too tight chest area and the range of movement provided by the sleeves. 
I was really suprised to get that much result from so small and easy a fix. I guess that teaches me... Now, I will only have to do some minor surgery on the right pad to compensate for dear E's uneven shoulders.


  1. Good fix! I hope the light improves soon!

  2. That coat is going to be fabulous! Sending you a bucket of light from Sydney :)