January 1, 2013


A happy and healthy New Year to all of you!

It may be general sewing blogging tradition to review one's year of sewing (a tradition I have conformed to in some previous years) but instead I'll show you what we might have been sewing today, 60 years ago.
The following images are all from the Januari 1953 issue of Marion. As usual with this magazine, a couple of designs are included in one size on the pattern sheet, but most aren't.

Apperently, the tradition of New Year's parties well into Januari was already well-established back in 1953 because that's the only way to explain the generous serving of party wear in this magazine.

The cover design already looks a bit festive with its short sleeves and shiny stripes and is, indeed described inside as a cocktail dress.

The first pages take a step beyond with two actual ball gowns. The one on the left can be made strapless or with shoulderstraps and is worn with a bolero, the one on the right has a very wide skirt and scalloped bits decorating it and the neckline. Dramatic they may be, but I'm not a fan. To be honest, I find these to be the most costume-y and least inspiring outfits in the entire booklet.

Then, there's another taffeta cocktail frock. As you see, serious clevage was for grand evening attire only in the Netherlands in 1953.

Next to it, is a very dressy suit with a peplum shaped with deep pleats which, at the front, have been partially cut away and buttoned down. Such an interesting detail.

Of course, a full-on party dress may not fit in with your budget or your lifestyle. In that case, seperates could be an option. How about this elegant raglan sleeved blouse in thick lace? I'd wear it (unfortunately, this design doesn't come with a pattern)

And even teenage girls might just get invited to their first ball... Despite the apparent youth of the girl in the drawing, this pattern was available to order in the sizes 14-16 years old, 38 and 40. So it's really more of a 'small ladies sizes' than a 'kids' dress.

It's not all party pieces though, there are some pretty casual designs in this issue too and then, there are these. Pretty dresses with interesting details. They're all chique designs but fabric choice would determine whether they belong at a cocktail party or in the salon. I really like those two on the right.

Hmm, should I make a pretty retro dress this month?...

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  1. What fantastic images! Thank you for posting -- such a treat to look at magazine pages from another era. I definitely think a retro dress is in order this month -- it would be a fun project to start the new year!