September 17, 2013

Buckle up

It's been a while since I shared any vintage finds here...
Well, here's one.
This week, the second-hand stall at my local market had put some belts in the "50 cents an item" bin. I like wearing belts with my 50's style dresses so of course, I had to have a look.

Unfortunately, none of these look great in lamplight but the flash version was even worse.
I picked the first two, the red one with the grommets and the gold-and-silver braid, because they are OK and because they looked short enough to work as waist-belts for me (most stores still seem to be focussing on belts for low-waist jeans). I guess that means they're either at least twenty years old or were made for children...
And then I found the blue one. Vintage looking, ever-so-slightly kitsch and oddly amazing. One of the geese had come off, but it was obvious to me that I would be able to put it back on (which I already did before taking the picture).
The belt itself has a grossgrain back and the front is made up from two kinds of decorative rope. The geese might be brass and are painted. The paint has rubbed off a bit.

I don't have any dresses in that colour blue at the moment, but I may have a fabric:

This grey and blue check/houndstooth flannel is something I bought at the end of last winter. It was just waiting for the change of the seasons and is sort of earmarked for a 1949 style shirtdress with a straight skirt and a drape/flounce detail... Which may just go very well with the over-the-top geese belt, don't you think?

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