March 3, 2015

Filling a gap

When I sorted through my clothes a couple of weeks back, I came across several little cardigans and jackets which I made several years ago. Bolero-like, waist length or shorter, often open-fronted and in many cases with short sleeves, these were among my early successful pattern making experiments. I don't remember why I sewed jackets to that scale back then but they were good practice. I used to wear them with skirts or trousers, layered over a RTW cotton turtleneck. 
In the past years, my style slightly shifted and they got worn less and less but I still like them. So, I would need something designed to go with them. I decided on a dress from a pointe knit.

To make sure it would go with the whole collection, I kept it really simple. And I wanted long sleeves.

You can see the actual style lines better in this sketch (although the dress has a simple straight skirt, not a tapered one).
At first, I wanted to use black fabric, but the piece in my stash was smaller than I thought. Instead, I used this grey pointe which was left over from the pair of trousers I made for my mother a few years ago.

The fit of the dress is quite good but I wasn't thrilled with the dress itself. I even considered to chop half the skirt off to a very unusual-for-me 1980's kind of length which might yet work when worn with thick tights.
However... I didn't make this dress to wear it on its own. 

It was made to allow me to enjoy wearing my little jackets and cardigans again and I really like how it looks with those! These are just two of them. There is another off-white cardi with three-quarterlength sleeves, a bolero with a snap at the waistline in tweed knit and two long sleeved waist length jackets (which I may prefer to wear with a sleeveless dress instead).

It may be a bit late in the season for this particular wardrobe addition but I think it will definitely serve its purpose.  


  1. This is a really wonderful, basic piece.

  2. I really like it as it is. Great shape including the length and perfect for your jackets.

  3. Very pretty, both the dress and the two jackets! I am usually not a fan of knits but all the nice things you showed in the last weeks really make me reconsider this - thanks for that :-)

  4. I love this dress,you are right on its own its not too exciting but with the jackets it's very pretty,might make one like this for myself since the weather is still pretty cold right now