October 7, 2015

Plans and free downloads

Like so often happens, making lingerie and making shape wear made me think about making more lingerie and more shape wear. And I feel like trying some new things. I am planning to try and make a power net waist cincher and a longline girdle but I am a bit sort on time lately, so it those may not be my first priorities.
So, it was nice to come across some options on other blogs. Options which are very different to what I would come up with myself.

First (and something I would think of myself) I read Emerald Erin's blog and she was making corsets. And the website where she bought her patterns offered a free download for a corset belt (link goes to the page with all the patterns, scroll down to find the corset belt). 

Basically this is just a very short underbust corset. An easy to wear (for a corset) option that might just look great over clothes with a bit of a 1950's flair. Or just over a t-shirt.
I want to make a muslin this week but I will have to wait with the real version until I have ordered new spiral steel boning. I plan on making it from suede or leather. 

Then, I read Carolyn's blog and she had been trying out a very interesting new bra pattern. Also a free download

This unusual style is, obviously, meant for small bust sizes only. It should support by suppression, there is no shaping in the pattern and not even elastic at the bottom edge. 
It looks very pretty but I am slightly worried my bust may be too large for it. I want to try and make my own this weekend.

And then, one of the ladies on We Sew Retro Sew & Tell posted her version of the Va-Voom Bullet Bra

I had seen other versions before, had visited the website when the sew-along was in progress but it didn't seem like something for me at the time. Sizes for a C and DD cup... but the lady in the Facebook group also mentioned having "trimmed" the pattern so maybe I could give it a go. 
I have just stitched up a very rough muslin and made some size alterations. I transferred the changes to the pattern and plan on making a more detailed toile before trying a real one. I'm not sure it will work. It's a very pointy shape. 


  1. Thank you for those links! I should say, I did add elastic to the bottom edge of both the bras I made using the Sierra free pattern; I had to because I was just using regular stretch fabric, not the border lace. You are right; you need very wide lace to make the lace version and I just couldn't find any here in Perth! I had to make do.
    It's very comfortable though and doesn't ride up at all. I'm very interested to see your version :)

  2. Oh wow - thanks for the link with the corset belt, I really like the other corset patterns they have!