March 5, 2016


Alright, so I still haven't moved passed sewing toiles... I hoped to get some real sewing done today but it just didn't happen. However, I did get pictures of the muslin for that 1950's Bella dress. 

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by it. The skirt has an interesting style: It is only moderately full and cut in six gores with flat pleats at the two front seams. Of course the whole thing looks much more flamboyant in the illustration but I think the real thing comes close, once you take into account the proportions of a real body.

I think the waistline is just a bit too high on me though... I feels a little bit snug at the bottom of my ribcage and is clearly already flaring out at my actual waist. 

And then, there is the bodice style... while I was sewing this, I was a bit concerned that the bust on this pattern might be way higher than mine... And indeed, that curved horizontal seam hits just below the apex of bust, not under the bust like design features like this usually do. 

But that is also how the bodice looks in the drawing... And if the seam was below the bust, that slit neckline would gape... So, maybe that bust seam is a design feature.

As it is, I consider adding the extra bodice length I need above the bust seam, which will bring it down a little but but keep the overall effect it has now. Other that that, the dress looks promising. I just don't know which fabric to use yet.


  1. Clever idea to add the length under that bust line to sort both issues.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. What if the bust seaming is supposed to hit at the apex of the bust and the shaping comes from the bodice seams leading up to it and the collar pleat (from the picture, it appears there's a pleat or bit of fullness coming from the collar shaping)? That would be an interesting way to fit a bodice....

  3. I thought the seam looked high in the illustrations---like it sits about where the waist darts would end. Cool that if actually does! (This has not always been my experience of vintage patterns. ;) ) that looks like a great muslin, good luck with the minor tweaks and picking the perfect fabric! :)

  4. I love this dress! It does have that more interesting seam design which is fun I think. It seems like it would be weird wearing it though. I tried a drop waisted skirt and I'm having a hard time getting used to the lack of very defined waist. This seems similar, or does it feel fine when you wear it? Either way, can't wait to see the finished dress!

  5. The bodice is interesting, surely, but the skirt is right on the mark. It spreads very nicely, the folds are just where they should be. Probably the prettiest muslin I've ever seen.
    I never get past the paper versions these days.