August 23, 2016

ehh... Hi there!

If you're new to this blog: Welcome! I haven't posted in a while and there is a good reason: I've been on holiday. Maybe it is old-fashioned now but I used to get the advice not to announce my absence on the internet and I still kind of follow that. Sometimes, I write blog posts while I am on vacation but often I don't. And I don't post on Facebook until I am at least almost on the way back. I often feel kind of guilty about doing that to the readers of my blog though...

Anyway, I'm back now. I've been in Austria for two weeks and after that, I've been very busy getting started in a new job. This time, I didn't blog while I was on holiday because I was too busy doing things like this:

E and I have been keen hikers for years (we also did quite a bit of hiking in those weeks) and for the past two years, we've done a lot of indoor climbing and had instruction in outdoor climbing a few times. This holiday marks the first time we have actually done any proper rock climbing on our own though. 
In case anyone is interested, Tirol is a great place of rock climbing. Even for beginners who can really only climb sports routes (which means, with bolts drilled into the rock to which you can clip your rope), there is a lot on offer and the bolting of the routes is really thoroughly done. Lots of shiny new bolts and good anchors. We used the (free) app from this website, which I recommend but only if you can read at least a bit of German. 

We also made a trip to M√ľnchen to see this:

The last World Cup Bouldering this year. Top-favorite climber Shauna Coxsey was really impressive. 
We've been watching these events on youtube for months but it was really cool to be there for this one.

Of course, we didn't just do sporty things, the weather wasn't good enough every day ;)
We also went to this place:

Kufstein fortress, in the town of Kufstein. It is an impressive castle which was in use for centuries. I'm showing it here because of one little exhibit in the part which houses the local history museum.

Elements of traditional costume: Hats, combs and those brown squares at the top...

Those are printing blocks! I'm actually quite curious if these designs are still used for "Trachten" (folkwear) in that area but I haven't been able to find out.

Obviously, after this little intermezzo, I plan to return to my regular, sewing and vintage fashion related, blogging.


  1. Welcome back! It looks like your holiday was lovely and fun!

    For me, refraining from posting about your absences online isn't an old-fashioned practice. I believe the habit is still rather relevant these days.

  2. It looks like you had a great holiday, those outdoor activities look amazing! That castle looks fantastic, it must have been great to tour it. You can schedule some blogs for when you're away or have a busy week, but when you're on holiday you should relax and enjoy yourself and not worry about your blog. XxxX

  3. I agree about not advertising absences! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday!!

  4. World cup of bouldering! Well, who'da thunk it?

    I hope you are refreshed and ready for the autumn

  5. Sounds like a great holiday! Congratulations on your new job. That castle is rather wonderful; is that a covered stairway going up to it? I love the printing blocks, they remind me of Indian ones.