September 2, 2016

Stripes, stripes, stripes

Slowly, my casual liking of striped fabric is growing towards full-on obsession... Two of my favorite garments from last summer were were made from striped jersey (that dress with the multicolour stripes and, earlier in the season, the not-so-normal t-shirt). Woven fabrics will always be my first love though... If I pass a fabric store/stall I'll always look at the striped fabric. Super synthetic stuff is out of the question, obviously. And I prefer stripes which are woven, or knit, in rather than printed but I can't turn down a printed stripe when it's going cheap...

All of this doesn't mean all stripe-y fabrics get sewn up as quickly as I can buy them. I've made a few but there is more fabric waiting for me.
This one is from two years ago: 

There was an earlier, much more obviously stripe-y dress. This one: 

I still love the design but those armholes are a bit uncomfortable nowadays. 

When I was planning that dress two years ago, I also had another dress in mind, paired with another fabric I already had.
This dress:

Which I though I could make from this fabric:

Almost immediately, I started second-guessing myself which is one reason why I didn't make the dress in the past two years. Some shades of orange look quite good on me. I found that out around the time that I bought that fabric and it has given me a bit of a love for the colour ever since. However... This particular shade of orange leans towards ochre yellow. A colour I like but really can't wear anywhere near my face. I can't tell how many times I have posed in front of the mirror with this stuff draped around me. 
the colour doesn't flatter me. It makes my skin looks kind of patchy and washed-out. And added to that is an issue with the stripes: They are fairly narrow and spaced in such a way that they are not that obvious. Like the fabric for that first dress, this one seems plain from a fairly small distance. Not great if I want to do some interesting things with the direction of the stripes.
It is nice cotton though, so I could always dye it. 
At the moment, I'm thinking about this dress again. I don't think I'll make the bodice quite like that, I'm thinking about a more standard and casual shirt-dress shape but that skirt still has its appeal.


  1. I do love that dress, and entirely understand your dilemna.

    I have a whole collection of black and white striped fabric that I could sew a house out of, and yet none of them are really 'the one' for the stripe projects. I vote the orange off your stash as a sad distraction from my goal for you to make this dress.

  2. I bought a lovely silk-cotton blend once which I excited made a shirt out of, put it on and realise, i should have put this yellow fabric near my face first! Could you make a skirt/bottom out of the stripy fabric? It is lovely.