October 9, 2016

Finished jeans!

And here are those jeans I blogged about earlier:

The pattern is a tried-and-tested one. Self-drafted as usual and intended to be made up using stretch denim, what this fabric is. 
As I mentioned before, I had only just enough fabric to cut out all the pieces for this pair of trousers so I was limited both in the leg length (this was absolutely the longest I could possibly make them) and in the flare of the leg. I might have gone for a more pronounced boot-cut shape if there had been more fabric.

The rest is pretty straight-forward: a fairly high rise, to the natural waist, which I find comfortable. I will normally wear tops over it.
Scoop pockets at the front, patch pockets at the back. And that deep-curving back yoke. A waistband, but no belt-loops. I find adding belt-loops a very fiddly and annoying job and I never use them anyway (on me, to fit well, any waistband below the waist has to be quite strongly shaped so there is no way a straight belt will sit well along such a line).

All in all, not a very exciting but certainly a very welcome and useful addition to my wardrobe.


  1. These are perfect. Looking at your jeans, I think I might try raising the waist on mine. I also like your idea of not adding belt loops - an onerous job,for certain.

  2. Love your jeans and love that you didn't add the belt loops.

  3. I love the deep V for the back yoke. What a cool detail!

  4. I really love the deep v, and was looking forward to this post to see it in its entirety. Same non belt loop reasoning here (the curved waistband is the tip-off, indeed). I leave off the back pockets for the same reasoning, but your results suit you perfectly.
    Those are just so handsome. And great photos (you fashion model you!)

  5. Those are lovely! They look great on you with the high waist. I'm wearing high-waisted leggings today and definitely not finding it comfortable... 😂

    I find belt-loops less onerous if I attach the bottom end under the waistband. And I've given up using topstitching thread for my bar tacks---mug less headache using regular thread to match the rest of the topstitching. But my jeans would never stay up without a belt, so they aren't at all optional for me. ;)

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