December 5, 2016

Life and sewing

There's no point in denying it anymore: I just really don't have the kind of time and energy for sewing and blogging that I used to. Between work and climbing, there is just not that much left over. I tried to deny it for months, occasionally blaming myself for not sewing or blogging in the evenings I was at home. 
I'm not going to do that anymore. I love sewing and I love this blog but there are just 24 hours in a day and sometimes, I'm just tired.
I'll just have to change the way I plan my sewing projects. Plan them in way many of you probably always have. Just make simple things when I'm busy or prepare for a well-considered bigger project in the weekend and keep working on it in short little installments during the week. 

I started with the first option last weekend. I finally tried out Studio Faro's Kimono Twist Dress. Basically, it is just a variation on the kind of twist I have often used before but I thought it looked quite elegant from the first time I saw it. 
As usual, I didn't quite follow all the instructions. Those are for a dress in a woven fabric with a soft hand, with the twist at the high hip. I'm old-fashioned and I like the narrowest point of a dress to be at the narrowest point of me, so I put the twist at the waistline. I also made the dress in jersey so I used my sloper for fitted knitwear.
I also kept the pattern in two pieces. Much more economical in its use of fabric. 

I thought it was an easy pattern to draft but I was a bit nervous about the end result. In the original instructions, it is described as "a little daring, showing lots of leg and d├ęcolletage". That twist is the only thing holding the dress together at center front. 
My fears were justified. I will take pictures later this week. The dress covers enough if you are standing perfectly still but move around in it and it gets a bit too revealing. I'm not feeling to bad about it though. It will serve me well as a light robe and working on this helped me develop other ideas. 
More about those and pictures of the dress soon! 


  1. It looks a bit exposed for me. What about layering it with a long tank?

  2. How about wearing it over a long slip that looks like its meant to show

  3. I certainly understand the work/life/sewing/blogging balance conundrum. I haven't sewn anything for months since there was so much going on. The urge is there, but not the energy or time to get moving on it. Take your time, adjust as needed. I look forward to seeing what you have to share, when you have the time to share it. We're all doing this for fun and enjoyment, non?

  4. I completely understand the difficulties with trying to do everything too! I haven't sewed much for months and I haven't written anything in my blog (thelimegate) for longer!!!

  5. Yes, similar work life problems for me too. I have become obsessed with needing to do something for my blog but also have a half built/ half repaired house as well as a full time job. Life is just not fair is it? And now its nearly Christmas!

  6. What a pity and sometimes frustrating to come here and look for something new :-) but oh so recognizable, a trillion interesting projects, things to do, books to read, shows/movies to watch, patterns to make, new and old hobbies, friends/family to see ... and only a few hours of really free time a week ... That said still looking forward to your next posts!

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