May 4, 2017

I'm back!

In fact, I have returned a few days ago, after spending a week at the Gorge du Tarn in the south of France. 

I went there with E and four other climbers (who are to thank for the pictures you see here) and we climbed both in the Gorge du Tarn and the nearby Gorge de la Jonte. In fact, we kind of had to because both climbing areas have mostly routes which are too hard for us. 
We had two days of nice weather but after that, the temperature dropped to just over 10 degrees Celsius (at midday) and we had a lot of rain in the evenings. Not ideal when you are camping.  

Nevertheless, we were able to climb every day. And we loved it. For me, E and two of the other, this was the first time climbing in France. And the first time climbing on real rock for more than two days in a row. 
As a result, I think we all made some progress, getting more comfortable at lead climbing (most climbing halls here in the Netherlands are set up for toprope climbing so that is what we are used to) and at moving on chalkstone. 
In fact, I am really keen to do more outdoor climbing this summer!

I'll just have to reconsider my wardrobe... I bought some items for which the fabrics would be hard to find but I am a bit unhappy with the fit of those. I don't mind a slightly too boxy jacket but I hate the fact that the waistband on my warm outdoor trousers is so low that my lower back gets exposed whenever I sit down or make certain climbing moves. I think I will adjust that pair of trousers, making a new, higher waistband and look for supplier of outdoor fabrics for the future.

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  1. As long as I have a seam ripper, and patience and good lighting, I can make my clothes fit me. Extra yardage is harder to come by.

    Outdoor fabrics are hard to find on the bolt; remnants are easier. Seattle Fabrics and Pacific Fabrics in Seattle sometimes sell the end bolts from the big companies. Now and then I get lucky in the remnant stack or on the flat folds table; I will find things I have NEVER seen for sale on the floor. Mostly I shop the sales and the thrifts and buy the biggest items I can find, so I will have enough yardage to remake it into something for me.