July 19, 2017

And another one...

As I mentioned yesterday, my first pair of Thai fisherman pants was kind of nice but not really what I had expected. When I was "researching" the look, I mostly liked examples which were a bit wider (at the top of this Pinterest board of mine, you can see some). 
So, I tried again this time using this tutorial from salty*mom. This pattern has piecing in the legs and the downloadable pattern pieces are for the pointy and curved pieces which form the crotch curve and inner leg pieces. All other pattern pieces are just rectangles.

This time, I made the top piece from a double layer of fabric and I attached the ties well below the middle of its height at center back. This is because I think it looks nicer if, when folded over, the top of the top panel covers the seam which attaches it to the bottom panels. 
And I added a simple patch pocket. I miss pockets in the first version...

These are wide, really wide. They can look a bit like a skirt if I stand with my legs close to each other. And the back looks a bit odd but I don't think I did anything wrong there. It is just a feature of this kind of flat shape, I should not expect this thing to fit like normal trousers...

I hemmed at calf length because I thought that looked better with this width (I had cut these long enough for full length). They're a bit odd, but for casual summer wear, they're quite nice. 


  1. I adore these! Absolutely fantastic. I have a pair of Thai fisherman's trousers which I tend to wear for yoga but you've really demonstrated how they could be everyday wear also.

  2. Success! It is 40 degrees here today, looks like the perfect thing to wear.

  3. they look great - I am a recent convert to these, I got the nehalem pattern from sewhouse7 and didnt make it up till this year. The nehalem has a diagonal seam at the front which acts as a guide to the fold-line, and the back part is like a regular leg of a trouser with all the extra fabric to the front. all cut on the straight grain.