July 8, 2020

The subtraction cut dress!

A bit of a disclaimer: these pictures aren't great, to say the least. 
It turned out I didn't have time to have E take pictures of me wearing the subtraction cut dress last weekend, so I did it myself with the camera on self-timer yesterday. I used to do that a lot but I'm out of practice and out of patience with the process and it shows. 

However, I didn't want to keep you waiting for a dress I've been talking about for a while. I may try and get some better pictures next weekend and will certainly post more about the pattern and construction of the dress later this week.

The fabrics I use were chambray with a flower silhouette print and linen. Fairly stiff fabrics, which give volume where they are gathered up. 
Combined with my pattern choices, that gave the dress a silhouette which reminds me slightly of Rococo dresses worn over panniers: with volume jutting out sharply at the side waistline. 
The back is a bit plain but I don't really mind.
I'm really glad I decided to cut off those 40 cm at the bottom. the fact that legs and feet are visible at the front and side gives the dress a sense of lightness and fun that just wasn't there when it was floor-length. 
And obviously, I used a bodice shape I know and love.


  1. Fabulous! I love it. Can't really see from the photos...is it symmetrical left and right?

  2. I love how it turned out! Excited to see more of your subtraction cutting projects in the future.

  3. i LOVE this! the shape, the length, the swish, the organic bloom of it! It really ups the wearability of this 'pattern.' Well done! How does it feel to walk in? Are your legs crowded?

  4. It looks lovely.

    What I do instead of self timer is to put my phone in video mode, shoot a video and use the edit video option in Google photos to export individual frames.

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  6. The subtraction cut dress is amazing! The chambray and linen combo creates the perfect volume. Rococo vibes are spot-on, especially with the playful length after cutting off the 40 cm. Can't wait for the details on the sewing patterns and construction. Any chance of a peek at the sewing patterns you've used?

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