January 14, 2014

And adding again

The first item to enter my wardrobe after the purge is actually not new at all.
I needed more long-sleeve tops and decided to start with an old favorite: the drape-neck top (my apologies for the bad pictures. with the dreary, rainy days we're having right now, finding a moment with enough light for proper pictures is difficult. It thought these would be OK, I didn't realize how poor the quality was until I opened them on my computer)

I've made this design three times before: The first in burnt orange (thrown out because the fabric was too synthetic), then in thin olive cotton knit (thrown out a long time ago because it shrunk in the laundry) and then in aubergine colored jersey (I don't think I've ever shown that one on the blog. it was also thrown out in the recent purge. the fabric was rather thin and I was never really happy with it). Oh, and I made a summer top based on the same design.

The design is, of course, one I made myself. You can find my tutorial for the pattern here.
Unlike the vast majority of cowl necks, this one relies on a curved center front seam to create the draped bit. This makes it a bit more economical to cut and it gives you more control over where and how much drape you want. It also has a fairly high stander at the back neck. Nice and warm for a winter top.
I think it works best when made in a wooly, somewhat bulky, knit. Like the burnt orange and the green I've used now. 
It this top, I've closed part of the neckline with a couple of hand stitches, to limit the plunge of the neckline. Before, I would always wear a camisole underneath. 
And instead of regular fitted sleeves, I made them a bit wider and added long cuffs.
It's not the most exciting wardrobe addition, but I think I'll wear it a lot.


  1. I think the cut is very attractive. I am impressed with your persistence in getting the pattern just right.

  2. It think it's a very wearable garment that will go with a lot of things in your closet!