January 23, 2014

And back to knitting...

I've finished my jeans and I'd love to do a bit of show-and-tell but it's been one of those very cloudy days on which there's just no normal amount of daylight to be had.
Instead, I thought I'd show you another thing I've just started on. I'm knitting on the machine again. 
This time round, I decided to try and make my own design, using what little experience I have by now and the instructions in this book:

I bought it cheaply a discount book store years ago (when I had just started to knit by hand) but it's still in print and this Dutch version is translated from English. The book may not look particularly attractive, I bought it for one very important reason: In it, the authors explain (among other things) how you can make a knitting pattern by starting with a sewn jersey sloper… Which, obviously is perfect for me!

I decided to start simple a made this pattern which is basically a simplified (not quite as many flowing curves) and slightly straightened out version of my jersey sloper. I've drawn it on grid paper to make all the measuring and calculating a bit easier.

First, I made that jersey muslin to check that the garment still worked with those changes and to decide on things like the neckline.

Then, I started drawing in the stripes I wanted on the paper pattern. 
After that, it was time to knit a test square and find out how many stitches and rows went into a centimeter (of course you count them for 10 cm, just to be safe). With that knowledge, it was time to convert the patterns' centimeters and write knitting instructions in rows and stitches.

I've already knitted one of the body pieces. It was supposed to be the front but I found one little flaw in my pattern: Something was not quite right in the description for the neckline. This has made it a bit narrower. It was supposed to be a bit boatneck-like so it's not a huge problem.

I also tried the knitting machine manual's instruction for making a knitted-on binding to the neckline. It looks quite good (at least, I'm sure it will after pressing) but it's not very stretchy. 
In order to make a sweater which I can pull over my head, I think I had better call this body piece the back and make a different, deeper neckline at the front. What do you think: V or scoop?

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  1. I vote for keeping it as close to your original plan as possible. Love a striped Breton look. Thanks for posting more about your miraculous machine. I'm all agog😍