December 1, 2014

Just checking in

Ok, this is not what I had planned. Despite ending last week with a not very serious but energy draining cold (which I then, unfortunately, passed on to E), my 1965 Frohne dress was almost finished on Saturday. But just when I was doing the last bit of topstitching, the thread got stuck somewhere around the bobbin. This is annoying but it can happen. So, I switched the machine off, cut off the bits of thread attached to the dress, took the bobbin out and carefully pulled free the rogue bit. So far so good. Then, I wanted to put the bobbin back in. It wouldn't go in. Despite not having used a great deal of force, it seemed like I had dislodged the housing for the bobbin. 
That was on Saturday, late in the afternoon, so the only thing to do was to make an appointment at the sewing machine store at the earliest possible moment. Tuesday.

With my poor sewing machine out of action, I have started on a new project on the knitting machine. It's coming along nicely but I don't have anything to show yet.
I should have taken pictures of my 1965 dress (it's only missing a bit of topstitching under the left arm) but winter is really starting to set in now and the last two days were of that depressing kind on which it doesn't seem to get light at all. So, not the best time for taking pictures.

Hopefully, there will be a quick return of daylight, energy and a functioning sewing machine. 
For now, I'll leave you with one of the more unexpected images which I found while taking pictures (last week or so, when the light was better) for my Pinterest boards:

Yes, it's a lady from 1951 wearing an elegant knitted suit but look at that CUTE KITTEN!!


  1. It's been a bit if a trying week for you! Hope you are feeling better and the repair will be a quick one.

  2. It's true, a broken machine is quite frustrating! Now about the pic.... The kit is adorable, but why is she holding it like that? And where is she traveling to? Surely she's not thinking about putting the kitten in one of those suitcases? I think unexpected is a good description of this photo. Also perhaps mildly disturbing. I am just going to imagine that she has just come home from vacation to find her beloved cat has had kittens and she is holding one as she brings in her luggage.