January 4, 2017


Happy New Year everyone! I'm wishing you all health, strength, inspiration and joy in 2017. 
I've read a couple of end-of-year posts on other blogs, and a few with New Year's resolutions. I never make a lot of those, it feels too much like setting myself up for failure. I sometimes have plans though...

For me personally, a lot changed in 2016, mostly things to do with work and other hobbies. Since September, I've been teaching and that obviously takes a lot of my time. I have also continued with the other hobby which started to make its mark back in 2015: Rock climbing! Which now also includes a small part-time job at a local climbing gym. 

I think my most interesting achievement this year was this:

Actually getting into real outdoor climbing (living in a completely flat country, nearly all Dutch climbers start on plastic). 
E and I are now sufficiently experienced to go climbing on real rock by ourselves. And we met some very nice people while we were learning.
I did most of my climbing in clothes I made myself though ;)
The blog post about the jacket with the stripes is here.

This is also true for the things I wear for indoor climbing, although I really should make some new trousers for that. 

Although all that stuff really cut into my sewing time, a lot of it didn't happen until the second half of the year. Although I didn't really do any major projects last year, I really well on my Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge in the first few months. There was some 1950's stuff, including this blouse which you can also try and make because I shared the (translated) drafting instructions from a Dutch sewing magazine from 1952 here.

I also managed to make a successful (late) 1920's dress:

and tried this design from the early 1940's.

For 2017, I hope to get back to a bit of a sewing and blogging routine. I don't plan on writing when there is nothing to say. However, with me getting used to my new work and sport rhythm I should be able to also find enough time to make some nice clothes and tell about it here. 


  1. A very happy new year to you too, I am fascinated by your rock climbing adventures, as someone who is not so good with heights (or is that depth), you are far braver than me!

  2. Happy New Year! I think that I mentioned that my dd is a climber. She lives in Austin, Texas now and there is lots of outdoor climbing there. Where did you travel for outdoor climbing?

  3. That fabulous 20s dress was one of my favorite makes of yours too, it's stunning and I really admire how flattering it looks. Happy new year to you too!