January 5, 2017


Although I didn't have anywhere near as much sewing time as I had hoped in the past week and a half, I did manage to make a few little things. When it comes to showing them here, I'll start with the smallest:

New panties! 
Black lycra and lace. The pattern is Melissa's Lacey Thong (at the top of the list on her "downloads" page after the link) with several alterations for personal fit and style. I have made it several times before and gradually made those changes over several versions to make it suit me. 
There is one new thing I've done here: I used narrow stretch lace for the waistband instead of normal lingerie elastic. I really like the look of the "double lace". Kind of opulent and delicate at the same time. It may not last as long as a normal waistband but it is pretty and, being softer an wider than the usual stuff, it doesn't cause lines. 
Oh, I did cut this stuff a little bit shorter than I would the normal lingerie elastic. It much softer after all.

I really wanted to make a new bra too but I still didn't have any rings and sliders. So, I ended up ordering some new lingerie supplies. When they arrive, I have some more plans...


  1. Cute! I have been considering this pattern for a while---I'm not much of a thong person but they do come in handy every now and then. Good luck with the bras!

  2. Very nice!! Undergarments and lingerie can be a lot of fun to make.