January 8, 2017

Lingerie supplies

A couple of days ago, the supplies I ordered from lingeriestoffen.nl arrived. There are lots of webshops which sell lingerie supplies but I have been a fairly faithful costumer of this one ever since I found out they list all dimensions (not just the theoretic cups size, not just the length but also the diameter) of their underwires. I generally prefer to by sewing supplies in person but the nearest store which stocks a lot of lingerie supplies is in Amsterdam, which isn't really close enough for regular shopping trips (which might be a good thing...).

The main thing I needed were rings and sliders for the shoulder straps but when I was ordering online anyway, I decided to add some nice lace as well. And edging elastic and wide strap elastic and the hook-and-eye closures for the back.

Oh, and these. Metal suspender clips!

Of course, all suppliers of lingerie supplies have lace in all the colours of the rainbow but I have found out that I mostly wear back bras. So, I focussed on the black laces.

This is the one I have bought before. They still stock it and it is lovely but I still have a bit left so I didn't order more.

I did buy this simple, more graphic design. I think it will look beautiful layered over beige foam for bra cups and it should work well for panties too.

And I couldn't resist this gorgeous floral design. It's a bit big and has more colours than I would usually pick but it is very beautiful...
I'll need black foam to use under it though, and I just found out I'm all out of that too. So I will probably let this lace wait for a while. I'll make some other bras for which I have all the supplies and order black foam later, when there is more stuff I need.

Oh, and here is something I ordered to try out: It's hard to see in the picture but this is polyester boning which comes in a soft plush casing. It hope it will work much better for a longline bra than my own combination of polyester boning for regular clothes covered in velvet ribbon. 

So, at the moment I'm working on a new bra, using some of my old supplies. I had realized that some of the fit issues with my longline bra were based on a difference between the shape of the underwire and the underbust curve of my pattern. So I've tried to change that. This is test version based on the shape of the wire. I hope it will work!


  1. I am probably never going to sew myself a bra, but I do sew burlesque costumes from time to time, so this post is the visual equivalent of a vacation slide show. Ooooh! Ahhhhhh! That graphic lace! Plush casing, you are so pretty!

    Thanks! Back to work.

  2. I have not yet tried lingerie bit since I will be in Amsterdam in June I think I might just try in order to justify supply shopping there. Thanks for the reference to a good supplier.

  3. I'm having a bit of stash envy at some of those laces, particularly the last one! I suppose I should bump another bra up the sewing list. Peer pressure!!