January 13, 2017

Something sporty again!

One of the things I made in that bit of extra sewing time I had around New Year was a new sports top. The ones I made before were all sleeveless (in fact, they only had thin shoulderstraps made from lingerie elastic...) and although there is heating in all the climbing gyms I go to, it definitely a bit colder in winter. So, I wanted one with short sleeves.

Here it is in action at bouldering gym Kunststof (website is only in Dutch but there are some more pictures of the place) in Leiden:

To show the t-shirt properly, I've also made some pictures of flat on the table (not very good pictures, but they clearly show the details):

I used the pattern I made for my favorite climbing jacket. Princess seams, no side seams, raglan sleeves. I just cut it a tiny bit narrower. 
I had planned a sort of slit at center front which is why there is a a center front seam. In they end, I sewed it up entirely to get an easy-to-finish neckline. The slit would not have been particularly useful anyway...
The blue parts are made from the same textured sportswear fabric I have used for climbing tops before. The red at the sides is cotton jersey, the edges at the neck and arms are fold-over elastic.
It performed well on its first outing although, looking at some of the action pictures (not the ones I showed here, more boring ones in which I am holding the top hold), I wonder if I should lift the sleeves a bit. Maybe that would make it pull up a bit less when I lift my arms high... Not that I am under the impression that any garment could stay perfectly in place under such circumstances!


  1. Hee, Kunststof is where my daughter and I are bouldering every week! Nice shirt, and indeed, it's getting colder there. Last time I wore my sweater...

    1. That so cool! I never know how far or nearby readers of my blog may be...
      I only sometimes go to Kunststof but if you happen to see me there, feel free to hello ;)

  2. Are you climbing an overhang? Your skills seem to be growing quickly and I'm impressed! My husband and I used to climb a lot outdoors, as there is a large park off the Potomac River near Washington D.C. There are an array of cliff-faces ideal for climbing there... As such, I have never climbed indoors before, but I don't underestimate the challenge! Your top looks like it is working well for you!

  3. My dd would love this top! Great style and fit. What type of fabrics are you using?