January 17, 2017

Some replies

Actually, I don't have time to write a blog post right now, but I wanted to reply to some comments I received earlier (and I don't want to wait too long with that):

Jane M, although I recommend the webshop for lingerie supplies I mentioned in last week's post, if you are going to Amsterdam, there is a better option: Go to Kantje Boord! This is an actual store in Amsterdam, filled completely with fabrics and notions for sewing lingerie. The staff is very knowledgeable too.  
I've been there three times and every time I'm impressed with what's on offer. My blog post about the time I went there with Melissa is here (and it includes pictures!).
The link to the store goes to the "contact" page on their website. The website is only in Dutch, but the address is in big letters on that page. It is located in a shopping street in a residential neighbourhood, away from the cities tourist attractions and main shopping district. Easy to reach by car(rare for Amsterdam, there is free parking along the streets there), tram 13 or bus 69 (when using public transport, get out at the stop called "Burgemeester van Leeuwenlaan).

And to any readers here in the Netherlands: If you happen to spot me buying fabric or bouldering/climbing, feel free to say hello. (the first happened to me once, at the market, it was a nice surprise). I'm always happy to talk sewing ;)


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