October 23, 2009

International Wear a Dress Day is coming up!

If you don't read Dress a Day (and I really think you shouldn't miss it if you're into vintage style, sewing or anything like that), just follow this link to read all about the second Annual International Wear a Dress Day. The day's first observance was was dreamt up on that blog last year in September, and the second one will be held coming Thursday, October 29.
What is point of this you asked? To wear a dress. Not a skirt or a tunic/dress over trousers, but a real dress. The point of it really is just to celebrate personal style (if dresses are among the things you like) and to make the average image of people in the street a bit more colourful, whimsical and/or elegant.

I'll make sure to wear a dress that day. I haven't decided which one yet (depends on the weather), but I'll let you know.

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