October 1, 2009

Weekly outfit nr.1

I've thought up something new: from now on I'll try to show you one outfit each week. Something I've really worn in that week. Not because I'm so vain and think I've got the best sense. Actually, I'd be very interested in links to blogs where other people do the same thing.
To me, it's not about fashion. It's about promoting making your own clothes, loving them and developing a personal style. I make most of what I wear and my day-to-day looks range from the fairly standard jeans-and-top to eclectic mixes of retro shapes.
Although I make a lot of the patterns myself, I'll make sure to include links for those pieces I did make using tutorials.

Autumn in the Netherlands started yesterday, so it was time to wear thights again. I'm wearing a fitted shirt with pin tucks and a point collar made last winter, from a pattern based on my personal sloper and a short, pleated wrap skirt I made two years ago using this tutorial (only in German). I also made the bag two years ago. I took apart a shop-bought bag which I had used until it almost fell apart and used it as a pattern.


  1. I like your outfit a lot!
    Have a look at these german sites:

  2. Hello. I just found your blog through Dress A Day, and I like your work. There's a thread on the American site Stitcher's Guild called What Did You Wear Today, which is just what you think it might be. The goal is not to display masterpieces, but to illustrate personal style. Here's the link:

  3. I am so glad Dress A Day mentioned your blog, I absolutely love it. I too, enjoy looking at what people wear every day and look forward to your updates. Thanks for sharing.