April 27, 2010

Just (not quite) jeans and a t-shirt

Outside, it's definately spring now, we've already had some great weather but even within the span of one day, temperatures can vary quite a bit. So, what to wear? The lazy answer would of course be: jeans and a t-shirt.

It is kind of with that thought that show you my latest creations here. Trousers made from firm stretch cotton, and a refashioned t-shirt. Not the most exciting items, but very likely to become wardrobe staples.
I bought the fabric for the trousers when I was looking for something cheap to make muslins. One of the fabric stalls at the market was having a sale: everything on the sale-table was 0,50 euros a meter. So, knowing this stuff had the right stretch for a muslin of V's dress, I bought what was left on the bolt. I actually went home with 14 meters of fabric on that day. 14 meters of nice fabrics which cost me all of 7 euros... You will see other fabrics from this haul show up in the future (although some were rather winter-y, so those may take their time).
The pattern is my self-drafted, tried-and-tested flared trouser pattern. Third time I made it, and no real changes. Scoop pockets at front, single welts at the back, fits at the natural waist and flared from mid-thigh.

The t-shirt was one of two which I bought (for 1 euro each) at a second hand stall at the market. When you buy jersey from the bolt, it's usually thinner than the standard t-shirt stuff. Or, when you've been looking for something thicker, it's actually very densely knit. So, buying t-shirts for refashioning is not such a strange move as it may seem to be. These were 'deadstock' by the way, no signs of wear, about 12 similar ones (most of them blue though) on the rail, some still with tags.
This one of a medium, so a bit big and too shapeless to my taste. I just took it in at the sides.
Then, it was time for the fun part: decoration. I've wanted to make a t-shirt with a bird print for quite a while now, but it was hard to figure out a nice, pretty and interesting way of doing that. In this way, I like how the birds form a neckline-decoration.
I used a very simple method to get the picture on the t-shirt, the method I used for my anatomical heart t-shirt: I look for the right picture (either on the internet of in a book), get it into photoshop, make it bigger (usually to fit onto A4, a little smaller for the bird), print it, cover those areas of the which I want to trace with tailor's chalk, put the print upside down on the fabric, transferring the chalk and then trace the chalk lines. In this case I used white fabric paint and a small brush, the heart was done with fabric marker.

I'm not sure about the t-shirt tuck-thing. To wear it over the trousers seems more 'normal' but I think tucked in looks better on me (and who wants 'normal' anyway??).
Also, what do you think about my hair in these pictures? It has grown very long (and is in need of a trim) and I've been annoyed with 'only being able to wear it in a ponytail'. It looks impressive when worn loose of course, but in that case, it brushing at least every 30 minutes or so and gets into everything. Today, I made a braid and rolled it into a bun high on the back of my head. It sure is practical and stays up rather well, but how about the look? Ballerina-like and kind of cute? Or just granny-ish and not in a good way? And whatever you think of this, do you have any other suggestions for straight waist-length hair (not too high-maintanance, please)?


  1. First off, those trousers make your ass look FANTASTIC! I'm always drooling over your self-drafted, stylish clothes and now I've got bargain fabric jealousy, too. Thanks. :)

    Your hair is ballerina-cute, not granny-ish at all. If you want to try something different with it, you might try rag-rolling: http://www.hairboutique.com/tips/tip049.htm
    You'll have MANY styling options once you have curls to work with.

    I'm in the "untuck your tee" camp, btw.

  2. Gorgeous pants. I too am jealous that you can draft such fabulously fitting clothing.

  3. Fantastic trousers! I love the shape and it fits you very nicely. Congratulations! I wish I had some nice and cheap markets around where I live... it's all so expensive here!

  4. entire outfit, including fabulous hair bun, is way cute. very funky. you could even rock that bun straight on top of your head.

    and speaking of fabulous... oh please. those trousers. is it possible this is a pattern you've shared on burdastyle? she wrote with hope in her heart?

  5. Your trousers are gorgeous!! I really like your hair up in a bun.

  6. Oh please. You are so NOT granny it's hilarious you should even worry about it. I WISH I had your hair.
    And your pants are just beautiful. Suit you really well. It's funny because I have some stretch khaki fabric I'm planning for winter pants, but I'm making mine slimline, using a Burda pattern...

  7. You look great! Your clothes are always most impressive. However, I must admit I often wish for close-ups, or pictures taken straight from the front. I don't seem to be able to click on the pics for bigger versions in your blog, don't know if that's intentional.
    As for the hair (which looks lovely, as everyone's said, definitely ballerina): how about a low plait that lies down your back? or a loose bun at the nape of your neck? or, if you are feeling cheeky, and if your hair is thick enough, two low plaits, starting sort of below-&-behind the ears, so they also go down the back?

  8. Love the pants, love the t-shirt, wish I had the hair! It would look really good in a french braid if you can do it - takes some practice, but it's worth it. Very neat and out of the way, but also a little sophisticated. Thanks for all inspiration!!