April 29, 2010

Picture imperfect

Thank you all for the nice comments on my previous post!
One thing which was mentioned (not for the first time) was the lack of detailed pictures and the fact that the pictures which are there can't be enlarged. That last thing is not on purpose. I would have sworn it was possible to enlarge the pictures of my first few posts, and I haven't changed anything in the blog profile... If any of you are blogger-wizzes and could help me out, it would be very much appreciated!
The first thing, however, that's just me being a bit lazy, I guess.
I use a self-timer to take those pictures, so detail shots of the clothes when worn are almost impossible. I will try and be better at taking some with items on my dummy or lying flat.
For now, please enjoy a close-up of the painted birds and one of the single welt pockets.

PS. I'll be trying out some of you advice on hair styles (those which don't require mad skills at hairdressing with handicap). I'm sporting a low braid right now. Thanks!


  1. My pictures blow up when clicked but I have no idea what I do differently.
    Love the t shirt.

  2. Beautifully finished welt pocket

  3. Thanks for the close up. That shirt is really chic!

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