August 14, 2010

A dress for the pinstripe - almost done

My thanks to everyone who gave their opinion on my previous post about this! Unfortunately for the later commenters, I had already cut this by then...
N.'s comment on how this would work as a feminine version of 'the suit' was particularly convincing.
And you are all absolutely right, of course: there's no way black pinstripe would ever end up looking 'milkmaid'. (although, Darci, I definately look like I'm on my way to check up on the cows with my hair in Heidi braids. I tried once, using Gertie's tutorial and my boyfriend thought he'd die laughing...)

I enjoyed drafting a 'serious' collar again. For a (learning) pattern maker, serious collars are those which are usually cut with the garment and require the application of mathematics to make them fall the way they should. Most of the time, this applies to shawl and notched collars.
I think the collar and neckline of this dress go a long way to avoid the not-so-sexy-librarian look (in fact, I wouldn't mind being an actual librarian, but hey, I didn't invent the fashion-lingo).

The dress has a drop waist darted bodice, a back shoulder yoke, that collar, three quarter length sleeves, a side seam zipper, a half circle skirt with the seams at center front and back, and a decorative 'waistband'. The close-up shows a bit more of how I used the stripes. It's unlined and, for now, still unhemmed. I'll leave it to hang for, at the very least, 24 hours and hem then, to avoid bias-stretch issues. Even though I don't think this fabric will stretch that much on the bias, I'm rather safe than sorry (to have to do double work).

If you were hoping to see me make the LV-version, don't be too disappointed: I'm still planning to try and make that top from the pinstripe scraps and I may just be tempted to make that whole dress design in blue cotton.


  1. Gorgeous dress, Lauriana! As per usual, your drafting skills and a keen eye for details amazed me. Bravo!

  2. I love it! All perfectly balanced - I'd love a dress like that! The collar and the waistband are the perfect finishing touches.

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  4. I just love your design aesthetic.

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I'm kind of drooly about it. That is one amazing dress!

    And I'm SO glad you tried the Heidi braids. You've def. got the hair for it! :)

  6. I love it--it's so chic! And I am always impressed by perfectly matching stripes. I seem to keep working with plaids lately and that is NOT easy.

  7. This dress is beautiful! And thankyou for your styling tips for my jacket, I will be sure to try them out...
    With regard to the designer question, Alexa Chung is the name of the celebrity wearing the jacket in the photo, not the designer...

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