August 9, 2010

Stuffing Mary

Here she is! Yesterday E wrapped me in about two rolls of tape and, fortunately, cut me out of it again. I didn't take pictures of the process and I'm not goint to do a how-to because there are loads of those already. We used cheap fake gaffertape over a tight short dress. I made sure to tape over my shoulders and the very tops of my arms as well. Shoulders are very important for a good fit.
Today I closed the tape-and-dress construct up again and stuffed it with newpaper. I didn't want to press it down to hard at first, for fear of distorting the shape, however I soon realised that would allow the newspaper to shift later on, cause the collapse of curves. I actually had to open the bottom (closed with taped-on cardboard) and get half of the newspaper out twice, just to fix that. The problem is, you can only put pressure on the paper you can reach, it doesn't work well to try and compress all of it in the dummy.
I'm going to cover it in jersey later. I had the bottom half covered already but had to take it off to fix an indented hip. Oh well, a practice run. I had stretched the fabric a bit too much anyway.


  1. I had to cover my dd's body double in clear packing tape to keep the duct tape from stretching! Just an fyi :) Love your blog!

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  3. Congratulations!
    I saw that idea on Burda and I'm still thinking in it. I'm happy to see that it worked well to you. Did you make it all alone or with some help? (Sorry for my bad english - but I don't know if you speek Portuguese or French...)

  4. I wonder if you coul fill the empty form with that spray insulation stuff used to fill cracks and openings in buildings? It is supposed to expand to fill all spaces?