September 9, 2010

First time in autumn colours

Do you remember my statement of intent regarding colours for this autumn/winter? Well, even though I've been a bit slow at sewing this past week, my mind has been working overtime. I want to create a sort of capsule-wardrobe from these fabrics. With pieces which can work together or with other thing which I already have (which are mostly black and grey, so that shouldn't be too hard). So far, I've dreamt up two trouser suits, two cardigans, two sleeveless woven tops, one or two sleeveless or short-sleeved knit tops, one or two skirts, two long-sleeved tops (although I would have to buy fabric for one of those) and a refashioned jumper. And that's just with the fabrics which fit in the colour palet.

This is the first piece to make it into reality. I bought this fabric at the market when it crazily cheap on sale (50 cents a meter). My reasoning was that if it turned out to be nasty, I could at least use it to make muslins. But it's something like cotton fannel (I did a burn test, it's definately a plant fibre) and ridiculously soft. I'm just a bit concerned about its durability.
In my opinion, cheap fabric is ideal for experiments. I like the vintage style trousers with side closures which I see on other blogs. However, I haven't worn any trousers without a front fly for at least 12 years. And I was considering buttons for this one as well.
To make a long story short, I drafted these from my trouser block. They're quite simple: wide straight legs, a straight waistband at the natural waist and buttons at the left side.
I'm happy. They fit just like I wanted them too, don't gape between the buttons and are very comfortable. I'm wearing them here with silk shirt nr. 2, which I didn't alter.

I just remembered something quite ironic: one of my very first serious attempts at making clothes (when I was about 14 years of age) was a pair of trousers in a very similar colour. It was in the early 90's and the pattern came from Knipmode: waist-high, tight and tapered trousers (probably meant to be a bit like leggings) with a side (!) zipper and zippers at the ankles. I made them in polyesther gabardine with brass zippers. With a matching tunic. I've only worn them a few times. The fit wasn't right and the side zipper was unfaced and its teeth bit in my hip at every twist and turn.
It seems my sewing has almost come full-circle. Now with more knowledge and skill.


  1. Those are lovely! I love the drape of the fabric and the side buttons with the high waist look so good on you. I need to try some drapey full trousers if I can ever break my brain out of "skinny jean" mode...

  2. LOVE the color!!! I like high waists too. Just not enough of that these days!

  3. Wow, they look amazing on you. Very on-trend, as well.

  4. Great design and color but the buttons totally make it!

  5. These are so beautiful! And this wide legged style really suits your lovely slender build.