September 1, 2010

Stash fabrics for autumn

Based on what I read on other blogs, my style of fabric shopping may be somewhat a-typical. This is owed mostly to how I find most of my fabrics: stalking the sales of the local fabric stores and mostly, the stalls of the The Hague market. Especially the market is a source of cheap fabric. Most of it is polyesther nastiness, with some OK cottons thrown in for good measure. However, over time, I have perfected the art of finding the one bolt of nice wool blend, all cotton jersey or whatever else in natural fibres, on the entire stall. Although I don't buy anything I really wouldn't wear, this strategy means I often buy out of season and Isometimes end up with a lot of similar colours (like olive coloured jersey: I've got lots of it, all cotton, but in three different weights and unfortunately the colours don't match exactly). I have also, in this past year, realised I have to buy more colour. Which can be a bit hit-and-miss.

These are all fabrics from my stash (although, to be fair, most of them, and certainly most of the striking ones, were bought within the last 6 months), which will fit in with my new colour plan for autumn winter. The colours in the picture are not exactly right, but close enough. Crucially, only the sparkly stuff (cotton voile. I'm not usually a sparkle-loving person, but I think it could be a nice accent as a sleeveless blouse worn with these rich colours) at upper left is black. The fabric in the lower left corner between the grey rib knit and the breton stripe is brown.

I thought I really, really had to find some ocher or mustard yellow for the colour scheme I wanted, but the beige-ish cotton voile gets remarkably close (and is the only fabric here which I bought thinking it wouldn't work on me but I would use it for my mother or sister. Who, by the way, are never very enthousiastic about having me sew for them. I think they're afraid I'll be overbearing style-wise. Which I wouldn't be. Or only if I'm right ;D ).

Of course there will be other fabrics too. Black wools, that eye-popping purple, tweeds and some black-and-white checks come to mind. And isn't it interesting that in my stash, apperently, prints are for summer and rich colours for winter? However, I'm quite pleased with this line-up and I'm already mentally mixing and matching the yet-to-be-made garments.

I've never colour plans before, but right now, I'm feeling inspired by them. Do you have any experience with that? Or other good planning tips?


  1. Yay! A colour plan. I'm a biiiig dork when it comes to colour planning (and sewing planning, too.) I read once that, to keep a wardrobe that you can work the hell out of, every piece you buy/make should go with at least three other existing pieces in your wardrobe. (Except for dresses, of course.)

    This winter's colours that I'm focusing on are red, leopard print (because I love it so much and apparently "on trend" for FW2010), dark denim, mustard, camel, grey and black. My project list is hella looooong, but I'm confident that at least having some direction will help! (It keeps the stash in check, too.)

  2. I'm starting to become more disciplined - no matter how beautiful the fabric if it doesn't link to other fabrics or garments I don't buy.

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