March 31, 2011

Channeling my inner rok chick

Now that's a silly little joke only Dutch (speaking) readers can appreciate. Or those who learned my Dutch/English sewing related translation list by hart.
For the rest of you: "rok" is Dutch for "skirt".
And of course, black leather is a classic rock chick look.

Although I have made more than one leather garment and visited a fair share of rock and metal concerts in the past years, I've never been a true rock chick. Nor do I ever expact to become one. (in fact, my boyfriend plays bass guitar and the other members of his new band were even wondering whether I liked their music at all...)

This skirt is made of thin black leather which has been treated to have an interesting matte texture. I bought it as a large and very 80's looking second hand skirt last year (for either 2 or 5 euros, I don't remember which).
I chopped off about 20 cm at the top, re-cut the front and back according to my skirt sloper, partially stitched up the very high back slit, inserted a new zipper and re-sized and re-attached the waistband.
I chose a metal zipper and inserted it the way you would insert a blind zipper. It's a look I like on leather: no visible stitching next to the zipper but metal zipper teeth on display.
Obviously, there is extra material inside at the stitched-up slit so I hope that won't make the skirt misbehave too much. By the way, the hem is at an even length, I'm just posing with a ridiculously arched back in the second picture.

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  1. nice :)
    more chic than chick actually

  2. You could pull off the rock chick look easily with that outfit - you just need to scruff up your hair a bit and get some bright red lippy :)

    I don't often comment but I do like to read your blog :)

  3. Hehe, that's so cool!
    Rok, a great pun to keep in mind for the future! I can remember when I was younger the pronunciation of the German word for "father" causing much amusement amongst my schoolmates. As in "Dad, you're the best vater in the world..."

  4. Thanks for little info on Dutch language my sister will be coming to Amsterdam in about 10 days and will be working there for an year atleast. I hope i can get some of blog friends to help me out with info about living in Amsterdam.

  5. You've done a great job, looks really chique!

  6. It looks fabulous! We're leather skirt buddies! :D

  7. Hi Lauriana, I have an interfacing question for you... did you pre-wash the horsehair canvas used for interfacing your jacket?

  8. Five euro? What a bargain. Looks great

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    I loved your blog!
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