March 24, 2011

More about magazines

In your comments to the magazine giveaway, several of you have mentioned the complete lack of sewing magazines in thier countries. From the fairly often heard "We're lucky to get Burda" to "I wish we had sewing magazines here".
Ladies, I wish I had a whole pile of MyImage's to pass around...

This shows how spoiled we are, here in the Netherlands. Yes, Dutch seamstresses will also complain about the lack of fabric stores and about how hard it can be to find patterns in the right styles and sizes.
However, we have choice of sewing magazines which are available at most newsagents. Of course, there's Burda, which is also published in Dutch. There is Knipmode, a Dutch publication which is also published every month and has about the same amount of patterns per issue. Which also has a separate publication called Knippie which is all about children's patterns. There is Ottobre, for women and for kids. And then there is some smaller, rather more frumpy magazines called "Sandra" something like that. (I don't no how many of that kind of magazines there are. A well stocked newsagent would have three different ones, but I think two of those would be about knitting only).
And then, some fabric stores sell FIMI, and its smaller sibling (as in children's patterns) Bizzkids which appears either 2 or 4 times a year. And there's newcomer MyImage and apperently Stitch&Sew as well. And a quick google search also brought up girl sized Trndz.

Yes, we are seriously spoiled.

Unfortunately, apart from Burda and Knip, I haven't found own websites of any of these magazines to link to.

If you're interested: I found the smaller magazines, FIMI, Stitch&Sew and Trndz for sale at this site, which I have no personal experience with.
All versions of Knip (including some Dutch/German specials I didn't know about), MyImage and more are for sale at which, in my experience, is a very reliable site.
Both websites are in Dutch, but if you email them in English, they should be able to help you. Click the text 'contact' to go to an email-page.

Oh, and for any Dutch readers on the hunt for exotic pattern magazines, it seems that both websites are selling Patrones as well.

And what about those magazines in the picture? Well, apart from Knip and Burda, all of the magazines listed above are fairly new. There used to be another Burda-like Dutch sewing magazine. It was called 'Marion' and I remember that my mother subscribed to it in the late 80's. Publication stopped well before I started sewing.
I didn't really know how long it was around though. And then, my aunt gave me these. She volunteers at a local charity shop and found these issues of Marion. The oldest (the little black-and-white one on the left) is from 1961, then there's one from 1969 and the other 10 are from 1970 to 1972... I'm really happy with these and I'll show you more of them in a later post.

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  1. cool, I'm interested to see inside Marion! As for websites, MyImage's site is here and Naiipatronen have a English language version -