June 20, 2011

For the man in my life

Do you sew for the men in your life? I do. I make shirts for my boyfriend. All the shirts he ever wears, in fact. I've made a few shirts for my younger brother as well, and a bag for my father.

My boyfriend used to be, and my brother is until this day, the sort of guy who always dresses in black jeans, a band t-shirt and army-surplus boots. And yes, they have long hair and beards as well.
My brother lives in deny of summer heat, never seperated from his black jeans, but my boyfriend appreciates lighter and even shorted trousers when weather gets hot. I've made him a some bermuda shorts last year, a pair in camouflage print and one in olive green. Based on a block I drafted for him, of course.
After each pair, I've tweaked the fit and the design based on my observation and his comments. Now, I have bought 7 meters of black twill and I plan to use it for trousers for both of us. Before I tried cutting out a pair of full length trousers (risking a significant amount of fabric) for him, I decided to test the fit once more by making him another pair of shorts.

These are knee length, with a jeans-style rise, curved front pockets and welt pockets with flaps at the back. I know they look a bit wonky on the hanger and black is a great fabric choice for hiding details, but let me assure you: they are symmetrical and I'm not lying about those pockets.
E is away from home this week, and the weather has been less than summer-y but I really hope these will fit great and he'll enjoy them when he gets back.


  1. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog yesterday. Your kind words of encouragement mean the world to me. I look forward to sharing vintage with you for years to come!

  2. hey there! i've just stumbled upon your blog a few days ago but was able to catch up on everything so i had a little question for you. i'm going to have about 1m of kashmir left from another project but have no idea what to do with it (especially not because i'm just starting on the sewing path ;-)). btw, i really love your blog, and i completely get the denial of summer heat (my boyfriend is exactly the same). not that's there so much summer heat going on atm here in antwerp, i guess it's the same over there:). thanks for the great inspiration!