June 6, 2011

Possibly too simple...

To justify its own blog post. However, it'll have to do for now. Work these past weeks has been very hectic, and six days a week. On top of that, this last week I've had a return visit from that nasty cold I had earlier. Or one of its relatives.
All which adds up to the sad fact that not a lot of bloggable sewing has been happening. I've been sewing but all of it has been work-related.
Until Sunday evening, when I whipped up this t-shirt from the same thin, striped knit which I used for the twist t-shirt. I wanted this one to be a bit more fitted so it can be worn over trousers. I think the end result is not very exciting but it make for comfortable work-wear. Which may just have to be a priority right now...


  1. A comfortable top for work?
    I'd say that was worth a blog post.
    Looks very nice on you!

  2. It may be simple but blue and white stripes are very in right now. Looks great.