July 22, 2011

Short(s) story

When I was a child, we always went on camping trips during the summer holidays. We would spend several weeks traveling around some nice bit of European countryside, going on long walks, taking in the sights, visiting local sites of interest and sleeping in our small tents on campsites in the middle of nowhere. As long as the weather wasn't too cold or wet, it was great.

Because there were five of us and all our camping gear, including the tents, had to fit into one car, packing for these trips was a special kind of operation. As one would expect, my mother was in charge of that.
She had made special packing list on the computer including all the things we would need. We, kids, were trusted to pack our clothes, books and toys as listed (NO bringing extra toys unless you were prepared to hold those in your lap for the entire trip ;)

The clothes listed would be practical ones. The kind that made sense for outdoor activities and would allow us to cope with unpredictable weather. There would be so many t-shirts, so many sweaters, trousers and shorts...
But shorts were getting extremely unfashionable...

When I was about 14 years old, my sister (who is two years younger) and I were sent to the shop to buy some shorts for each of us, for the summer holidays. We each bought one pair of shorts and two summer skirts. Those were the last shorts I ever bought. They were aqua-blue with a whiter check print. They didn't fit great, I didn't like them and didn't wear them much...

Fast forward ehm... many years, and I've just done the unthinkable and made a short legged jumpsuit. And I like the look.
So, I gave it a go. Shorts.

Made from the same black twill which I used for my boyfriend's bermuda shorts, with scoop pockets at the front and single welt pockets at the back. Vintage-inspired high waistline.
Photographed here at their most vintage-y: with a wide (vintage) silk blouse tucked into that waistband.
I enjoy this look but they work equally well with t-shirts. I may even be tempted to try and style these with tights and a jacket in autumn.


  1. ALL of your work is absolutely beautiful!

  2. These shorts are gorgeous. I prefer flat-fronted shorts now too, although my two favourite pairs of shorts are actually pleated!

  3. Hmm, that's an interesting regional (or age?) fashion difference. I don't think shorts (at least cutoffs) were ever out of fashion while I was a teen. I do remember when I saw my first pair of capris, though... a friend bought them while on exchange in Germany, and informed us that everyone there was wearing them and they'd be all over the place in a year or so. Sure enough, the next summer...

    You are definitely rocking them! And you look far, far classier than I ever do in shorts ;). Funny how the trails of fashion wind us around...

  4. I haven't felt comfortable in shorts for anything but outdoor work, such as housepainting or mowing, for a number of years. But I still appreciate how great yours look!

  5. Very Betty Grable - love the detailing on the back pockets.