July 18, 2011

Stripes again

Usually, I'm not that into sewing with obvious prints. But sometimes, a fabric just calls out to me.
This one was like that, and it could only ever be one thing: a dress which is all about the print.

It's a very simple t-shirt dress with a straight skirt and a fairly wide neckline which dips to a shallow V at the front. I made it using my knit sloper.
It's always tempting to keep dresses like these sleeveless, but I'm happy I decided to add the sleeves. The skirt length is a bit unusual for me, but this was as much fabric as I had, when placing the dark bit at the waist. And I really like how it shows the repeat of the fabric.

I tried to match the stripes at the side seams, but I was too lazy to sew them on the sewing machine before serging, so they're a little bit off.

Personally, I think the combination of the longer skirt and sleeves really works with such a fitted style. Modest yet sexy, at least, I hope so.


  1. I like! And yes, I think the length and sleeves work wonderfully with the close fit. I love what you did with the repeat, too.

  2. The idea of using dark bit at waist was a masterstroke!

    lovely outfit, modest yet chic! I have made a pencil skirt for self (at last !) using the back vent mini-tute you had posted. thanks. will share the skirt once i get it snapped!

  3. Very nice! I'm not much for prints, either, but I really like this one! And thanks for talking your way through the design process, too, I find it really interesting.

  4. I think the clothes you make are amazing and you look fantastic in them. I love this dress on you and I think you nailed it spot on.