April 29, 2012

The man wears black

Many years ago (almost 10 now), when I met E, he was the kind of guy who wore black jeans and band t-shirts. Every day. With a leather coat in winter. Hanging out with me for so long had to have some influence, so now he wears black jeans (still the same brand and type, no prices for guessing which one ;) with shirts I have made. He actually started out with store-bought shirts but once I drafted a good shirt-block for him he's been spoiled by the fit of of the home-made ones. In more recent years, I've branched out a bit. Bermuda shorts for high summer, a coat for winter, a jacket for spring and autumn and now, yet another jacket. 

It's made from the same cotton twill as the previous one but using the same block as the winter jacket. That's a block for a casual jacket which is fairly easy-fitting and allows for a good rate of movement (as opposed to the formal jacket block which I used for the other spring jacket, which is a bit constricting in the shoulders and upper arms). 

This time, I made the body of the jacket in three pieces: front, back and side, thereby eliminating the regular side seam. There are in-seam pockets in the seam where the front piece joins the side one. The pockets run the entire width of the front of the jacket, and are caught in the hem and in the seam which joins the front edge and the facing. There's also a pointed back yoke, a convertible collar and epulettes on the shoulders which button down on the upper arm.
Unfortunately, with the jacket being black, it's hard to show the details. 

E likes his new jacket, he's been wearing it all week already, ever since I finished it on Monday evening...


  1. It looks awesome---sounds like it was just what he'd been wanting. And yes, black is so pesky about hiding those details.

    This kind of success (which I achieve occasionally) drives me to keep sewing for my husband, despite the frustrations. Looks great! :)

  2. It looks great - I like the unusual shoulder tabs and the curvy yoke. How wide is the side panel? Did you choose that construction aspect for a logistical purpose, or just for fun?