April 25, 2012

More planning

Thank you all for your comments to my previous post. In fact, some of your arguments made me stop and think about my favorite of the colour blocking options. I guess I should reveal now that my early favorite was option number 1. Before making those drawings, I loved the idea of the bodice/sleeve shape 3 and 4. I fully understand why 3 was popular with commenters, but seeing it made me think about how it would work for my shape: I already have and angular upper body, with the shoulders standing out more than the breast. I think the angles created by the sleeve and upper bodice in 3 and 4 would emphasize that (making it a perfect design of all those with round or narrow shoulders and a large cup size, obviously). 
Option 2 is one I had sort of written off because I didn't think the lower colour block seam in the bodice would work well with a belt, but I have to say Radostin's comment made me think again (also because I like the fact that it's the only option I made with a non-black collar). 
And then, of course, several of you agreed with my original idea, thinking that the first option might be best. 

What I plan to do now is this: This dress may not even be the project I start on this week, but I will start on it soon, making sure the idea doesn't drift to the back of my mind again. I will explore the colour blocking a little further, taking option 1 as my starting point. I think I will stick with the two coloured bands at the bottom of the skirt, just because of my grandmother's story (I've actually met the friend of hers that story is about. At the time, she was also her boss at the hospital labratory where my grandmother worked before she had children and after her youngest went to school. Now, this friend is well into her 80's. A tiny, stocky lady who still is quite a character. She uses a computer, still drives a car and does charity events and plays golf every week. She's no longer that into fashion, but I'd love to have at least some of her spirit if/when I get to that age).

Are you wondering why this dress may not be the first thing I make now? Well, it's the same old thing: I always have more than one project in mind. 
E's jacket is finished and between work and my mother coming home from the care home today (yeah! you go mum!) and still needing some help around the house in coming weeks (tasks divided between my dad, me, my sister and brother, so that will be quite all right) I won't have tons of time for very involved projects. So, I just plan on making whatever I like best. And at the moment, it seems to be all about one-piece outfits. Dresses and jumpsuits. In everyday life, I love seperates and I have sewn so many of those but now, I just don't really feel like sewing any. 

These are my rough sketches of the things I'm thinking about (this is how I actually sketch. free-hand and therefore rather wonky, and just intended to remember what I've come up with)

A jumpsuit with a bit of a vintage style workwear look.

A dress, in which I can develop the shape of my blue dress a bit further (this is only an option if the weather stays as cold and unreliable as it has been this month)

Another dress, strapless and with a huge skirt. To be made in cotton with a large-scale, fairly graphic floral print in yellow and brown on white. The fabric has been in my stash for two years, and I've always wanted for it to become a dress like this.

A very plain and simple jumpsuit in a stable knit. Do you know the pictures of Vionnet jumpsuits from the 1930's? That's sort of what I'm thinking about with this. Of course, it could go spectacularly wrong.

And, last but not least, friends are getting married on the first of June, so, obviously, I will have to make a nice little party dress. Although almost every bridal gown you see nowadays is strapless, I think with weddings being being mostly day-time events, a guest should (at least be able to) cover her shoulders. I'm thinking about making something like this, possibly with a little bolero or jacket, in a pink (!?!) jaquard-ish fabric I've just bought.

As you see, so many plans... and by the way, is it just me being suddenly addicted to all-over looks or is 'having dresses in mind' just something which happens when summer is coming?

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  1. Summer is not coming here (NZ), (I'd say it was leaving, but I think I might have missed it arriving too)and I am sooo into the all in ones at the moment, especially the jumpsuits - although I was told once that if you remember a trend the first time round you are too old for it this time!