June 21, 2012

Twisty top

Among the excitement of dresses and jumpsuits, it's easy to forget hard-working wardrobe staples like the humble knit top. I don't actually wear dresses or jumpsuits all the time with nice skirts or trousers, one needs tops...
I have a lot or variaty for winter but for summer, not so much. Mostly simple t-shirts and vests I've had for years (some even RTW instead of me-made!).

It was just time for another comfortable-yet-slightly-fancy top. One suitable for summer weather.

So, I made this one. 

It's got something sort of like Pattern Magic's twist. Both halves for the top front are in fact one piece which forms a loop at the top, the collar/off shoulder sleeve is also one piece which is threaded through that loop and then inserted into that high back piece. 

I made it so that attaching the 'sleeves' to the back was the last step, which allowed me to fit the width of the collar/sleeves to my shoulders. 

The light in my living room is rather directional, so I also made this picture of the top on the table to show that twist properly. (oh, and as usual, it's my own design and I drafted the pattern)


  1. Love it! Very flattering top.

    Could you share a sketch of what the pattern looks like? I would love to make something like that once I get a basic sloper sorted!

  2. Great idea to have the sleeve/band going through the twist. I would love to see a line drawing too, if possible.

  3. great top and the colour suits you well,also would love to see a line drawing .

  4. I love the top and the color. Really ingenious drafting

  5. Such a cool top. Hooray for twisty bits!

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