July 29, 2012

For granny

Last winter, my grandmother knitted a sweater for me. Since then, she's made garments for my mother, my father, my aunt, a niece and a nephew. And then I'm probably skipping a few projects of hers... She really enjoys her knitting and especially if one of her relatives will enjoy the result. 
Although my brother and sister are still without granny-made clothes, I'm all set to get another one.

This lovely sweater was published in Dutch women's magazine Margriet in the autumn of 1950. It is sort of in my size (and described as being for 'the eldest daughter. They mean to say it's for a teenager, but hey, I'm the eldest daughter of gran's eldest daughter...). At first, my mom was going to knit it for me but since she's only knitting to fill the time until she can go back to doing all the other things she likes better, she has passed it on to her mom. 
So, my lovely grandmother has agreed to knit a sweater for me which was sort of designed for her. After all, she was a young woman in 1950...
I hope she'll like it.

Like nearly all 1950's knitting patterns, this one asks for rather thin yarn. So thin, in fact, that most yarns avaible in the desired thickness are intended either for baby clothing or for socks. I picked this one, which is ever so slightly thicker but gran said that shouldn't be a problem. At least in this stuff, I could get a really nice colour.
I think it's so sweet she wants to knit this for me, and I'm so curious to see how it turns out!


  1. What a neat sweater! I'd never thought of using cables on the shoulders like that, it's a great look. What a lovely granny you have :)

  2. This is such a classic silhouette. So feminine with just the right amount of details. I can't wait to see the final thing!

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