September 24, 2012

I'll sew again tomorrow...

And I have this crappy phone-picture to proove it:

After taking it, I did continue to cut the pieces but actual construction will have to wait until tomorrow evening. 
Although my head is full of great and glamorous coats, suits, dresses and silk tops, it's none of those. As much as I love pattern making, it's a process, it requires more time and brain-power than just cutting from an existing pattern and sewing. So, to edge gently back into sewing after some time of low mojo, I decided to make another pair of my wide-legged trousers. I shaped the scoop pockets at the front just a bit different and there will be single welts at the back, no pocket flaps. The biggest change, however, is also the oddest one: the length. As cut, this pair will be three-quarter length. I got this idea that such a thing might look great with my new-ish (bought last winter and not yet worn a lot) boots. And this way, these trousers fit this particular piece of fabric.
The fabric is a coupon of cotton not-quite-velvet yet not-quite-corduroy which has been in my stash for about two years. I always liked its weight and look for trousers, but at 1,05 m, it was a bit short for that purpose. Of course, I could also have gone with a lower rise, a slimmer cut and maybe no pockets but that just wouldn't be me, right? 

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  1. That looks interesting! I'm really looking forward to seeing three-quarter length wide-legged trousers. I can't quite imagine it but I'm sure you will rock it!