February 5, 2013

Just seven days...

Seriously, what is up with the first full week of February that gets people so active? 
I do't read a lot of blogs but even among that limited company, this week has been made into two different theme weeks already!

The first is an annual one, which many of you may already know about: 

Debi's Sew Grateful Week, dedicated to expressing gratitude for the many good things about crafting, sewing and the online community involved in those activities. 
I am planning to participate on Wednesday, by sharing a simple pattern.

I only found out about the second 'week' yesterday (not that I could have known about it before):

Melissa has decided to make this week Lingerie Week on her blog, fehr trade. Dedicating the week to ehm... well, sewing lingerie of course. Although in this particular theme week readers aren't particularly asked for a contribution, she has kicked it off with something which will be very popular: a lacey thong panty pattern. Which I've downloaded immediately. 
I think it would be very nice to make those panties using some of the supplies I bought when I was at Kantje Boord with Melissa back in October. And blog about it. Preferably this very week, so it still falls into her Lingerie Week.

However, I still haven't been able to get my sewing mojo back into high gear after Modefabriek. It's still a matter of so many ideas and not enough time and energy... 
I had sort of planned to make this the week in which I would finally make a dress from my stretch velvet, and trousers to match my black jacket... 
Well, I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Lingerie is a lot of fun; it is highly addictive working with small pieces of lovely fabrics and laces to make pretty little things. I cannot wait to see what you make from your Kantje purchases :)