February 27, 2013

Regarding anonymous

Just a little announcement. 
After posting yesterday, I looked through the email notifications of blog comments. I have been getting a lot of anonymous spam comments again lately but in the past blogger's spam filter has always been really good at keeping those from actually appearing on the blog. However, yesterday I took a look at a post which was heavily hit this week and found over ten of those comments displayed there... I spent some time this morning going through old posts and deleting spam but I'm pretty sure there's a lot I haven't found yet (mostly because I usually deleted email notifications of spam comments, assuming the filter had sorted them out. So I don't remember all the posts which received this treatment). 
Because this development will make it really hard to manage the spam, I've decided to disable anonymous commenting on my blog. I know there are a few people who leave real, and usually very nice, comments anonymously (as in: they don't have an account to comment from, they usually make themselves known in the text) and I'll be sorry to miss those but I just don't want to risk letting my blog drown in spam. 


  1. I'm getting the same thing! It's so annoying.

  2. That's fine, it's Captcha I really detest

  3. Just instally disqus or commentlove or anything like that if it's all getting too much. Disqus uses akismet-WP's spam filter and it works pretty awesomely. XD

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